Monday, June 29, 2009

I Hear Their Spanish Has a Softer, Faster Cadence

Wouldn't you know that two days after I book a flight to Honduras (para estudiar español en una escuela idioma), the army hauls the President off to Costa Rica and puts in someone else? I hope things will be settled soon for the sake of the Honduran people. And for my four-week departure date. And for the people who'll have to encounter my embarrassing spanish skills if I don't get two weeks of intensive study.

In reading about the conflict, I'm finding a HUGE disparity in how the events have been portrayed (media bias or sloppy work--surprise, surprise). By and large, Western media are labeling it a military coup and calling for the President to be reinstated. Media in Europe and Central America are claiming the President's attempt to stage an illegal poll is only the most recent in a string of actions that go against the country's Constitution.

The fact that Hugo Chavez supports the Honduran President makes me question the President's actions and intentions.

I hope all media do a little more homework in covering this tense situation.

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David said...

The liberal media! Feh!