Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Olympia SM 3

Any day where someone brings you a typewriter is a good day. Last week, Brian told me he'd have something for me at the next club meeting. At tonight's meeting, he gave me this wonderful 1957 Olympia SM3. Not only is it a meticulously maintained machine, it comes with history! Brian bought the typewriter from a woman managing the estate of Emile Franchel, a well known hypnotist in the middle of last century. This was his typewriter. Brian originally got it for his daughter when she was becoming interested in writing, but she didn't use it much. I am so grateful he thought to pass it along to me.

A flyer from one of Emile's local shows, which was included in the machine's case (along with the original manual and dust cover!)

Name plate on the case's outside.

I have a manuscript due Monday for Napa, and no good ending in sight. Perhaps this typewriter can help me figure out how things should end up for my boy narrator and his burrito-eating uncle.

Overheard at Starbucks: Cantonese, I think. Two men were passing a fifty-state quarter back and forth. I don’t think they were talking about the featured state, but perhaps a game or a utilitarian use for that shiny object.


lpanik said...

HMMM! Kester street Panorama City. I had a girlfriend that I dated once from there. In fact I ended marrying her. A great find just like the typewriter :-)

Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

When did Mom live in Panorama City? I thought she was Arleta all the way.

I think we should all get nameplates for our laptops.

lpanik said...

Arleta was only a post office. The city was Panorama City. Of course let's see IF MOM sets this straight. Also we will see if she reads the comments.

Better yet get a sharp table knife and well..... need I explain?

Anonymous said...

Hi -

Great typewriter - would you send me a few pictures of that Olympia SM3 dust cover? If it's not too much trouble, the measurements would help. I am trying to find or make a cover for my own Oly SM3. If you have time - thanks - Mike svabodna@gmail.com

W.F. said...

I'm picking up my own SM3 tomorrow, and am hoping to love it as much as I love the photo of yours. As a writer, how do you like it? Did you know it was one of the preferred typewriters of Bob Dylan, Carson McCullers, William Burroughs, Don DeLillo, Charles Bukowski, William Gaddis, Phillip K. Dick, and (!) Danielle Steele? Love your photo . . . would love to hear how the machine works for you.