Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Could Louie Have the Answers?

This morning I noticed a customer at Starbucks reading yet another dog-centered book. Now that the Jane Austen-related craze has died down, dogs have become the latest literary "it" girl.

There's Pam Houston's novel. And Starbucks' waiting-in-line impulse buy. Two workshop mates wrote or have written a novel from a dog's perspective. And there's another recent dog-narrated book that I'm forgetting. I’m thinking all of this started with Travels with Charley.

While I find the canine trend manufactured, and opportunistic--and probably trite and sentimental--I can’t help but agree with its intent. What better creature to take advice from on the most important subjects than one that's never shy about showing affection through a long draw of its wet tongue? I've yet to come across a life-lesson book from a cat’s perspective. It would be an invective on everything wrong with the world. Oh, and it would assail all non-feline house pets.

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