Sunday, June 15, 2008

"I Didn't Know if She Was Gonna Rub up on Me"

It seems my husband has a bit of bellydancer shyness. Last night at dinner (Armenian/Greek fare) Bryan, Steph, and I were treated to live ude music. Then, towards the end of the meal, dancer Nadira twirled and shook her way around the patio. I thought it was cool, but Bryan seemed a little squeamish. Afterwards, walking to the car, he confessed to be intimidated, because she'd dance directly in front of him whenever he glanced her way. And wouldn't leave. Steph had an acute case of heebie-jeebies, too; she'd watched a young boy tuck a dollar bill in the dancer's clothing. As usual, I hadn't known what was going on.

Tonight's dinner was spent with Pam, Becky, and, alas, no bellydancer. Bryan was doing well until he ate Pam's salmon nigiri. Luckily, we were able to order more, and BO was able to personally make it up with Godiva. Happy birthday, Becky. :)


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