Monday, July 14, 2008

A Different Starbucks

(I think he was watching a cute little lab walk by.)

Louie and I went to a nearby Starbucks for morning writing, but not our old Starbucks. The cafe has actual table and chairs, but damnit it's not within walking distance. If I have to start up my car, I'd rather go to The Coffee Bean or Pannikin. The search continues.

Today was my first volunteer session with United Through Reading. The officer who toured me around Juvenile Hall last month definitely wanted to instill fear in me. Which is probably a wise thing. But today's session was happily unintimidating. Myself and two other volunteers spoke with seventeen female inmates about the importance of reading to children. We then helped the girls choose a book to send to their child, sibling, or other young relative. In two weeks, the inmates can elect to have us record them reading the book. The DVD and book will then be sent to the child (if not, then just the book goes in the mail). I'm sad that I'll be in Napa Valley during the taping, but look forward to doing it next month.

Two days in a row for the ocean for me! The old Monday Shores swim and it felt good to be back. The water was seventy, but I still wore a wetsuit. 

When I got out of the ocean, a news team was interviewing people for thoughts on Bush's bright idea of offshore oil drilling. The only plus I could think of was that an oil derrick would be a hell of an object to sight on. Although the water might be so polluted that it wouldn't be safe to swim in.

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