Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today, Louie and I returned to our roots at our old Starbucks. And although the patio was crammed with ridiculously large Adirondack-like chairs, we were able to steal a table and two chairs. But this was during the afternoon lull, and I just know it won't be feasible during a regular morning. Oh, what's a girl and her dog to do? I really liked The Coffee Bean, but unless I can trespass through a condo complex, it simply isn't within walking distance. And there's something just so pure about our six little legs carrying us to a quiet place where I can make things up and he can people-watch.


lpanik said...

Hey, where is our picture of Louie???? What is a retired old man to do if he can't be entertained by a photogenic cockapoo.

Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

Sorry! Hopefully I made up for it by posting two photos today. Lo siento, Papa.