Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You Get What You Pay For

Week two of ATP for me. For those not familiar with this workout, it's a bunch of exercises completed in rapid succession that are sure to kick your butt and also sure to embarrass. (Regarding the latter, the flopping fish are the worst.) It's also the second consecutive week that Eric's missed. We can't say for sure, but during the workout were postulating that with fatherhood just on the horizon he's gone soft. First his weekly mileage will drop below eighty, then he'll reclaim MarcFit's old "undertraining" motto, then he'll develop an affinity for lawn bowling. :)

Speaking of running, I got back in touch with a friend from Maryland who's also a runner. She will be running the NYC Marathon this November with Team Fox, which raises money to fight Parkinson's Disease. Good luck, Kate!


Eric Smidt said...

Hey now. What's all this Eric bashing? I had a legitimate excuse tonight. I had a softball game. Besides, I did speed work yesterday and I'm doing it again tomorrow. Looks like I may need to start showing up to defend myself though. It will be hard with softball every week.

Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

Aw, no offense intended. We cursed and complained about the workout for quite a while last night. But when that was through, and there was still another set of exercises to do, the conversation turned to you. :) Hope softball went well.

Eric Smidt said...

Shoot! I wish I was there to make everyone do another set of exercises. No pain, no gain. That's my theory. It turns out that most people doing ATP don't follow that logic.