Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stratford Court Cafe

(Louie with his biscuit.)

Day one of Michelle and Louie Find a New Writing Hangout. Lou and I had been to Stratford once before with my mom for breakfast. The cafe is in a historic building, but you sit out front on their shady patio (trees and umbrellas). I ordered a peppermint tea, which I love and which the old Starbucks didn't carry. Louie got a Straford dog biscuit. :) The atmosphere is low-key, with Sting and Coldplay albums playing softly. The best sounds were the birds in the trees. It was like they were rooting for each word I typed. :)

Overheard at Stratford: One girl trying to read a word in the newspaper to her mother and sister. She was trying out different pronunciations that sounded a bit like vestal, vestibule, and vestigial. I finally decided it was the last one, and helped her out. I never know if it's rude to correct someone like that. But I figure if I didn't know something and someone could help me, I'd be grateful. And these women today were congenial.

Stratford was good, but is probably better suited to eating a meal. Tomorrow brings another adventure.

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Bryan said...

the suspense of this adventure is terrible,... I hope it lasts :)