Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tri Season

A big thanks to the mighty Tom Johnson, who got me back in the ocean after nine months. It was the first swim at the Cove to prep for Gatorman (which I may or may not do.) I only did a half mile, and did it with my wetsuit, but it felt alright. Gatorman or not, the swimming will do me good because I've recently decided to do Pumpkinman. Go TCSD!

Last night, BO and I saw Wall-E. This movie pulls at you same as a written story. Just the scene of that little robot puttering around, compacting trash on a planet that's long been vacated and forgotten him, oh.


Eric Smidt said...

Congrats on getting back out there. That's a great swim. I think my Cove swimming days are done.


I'm curious about Wall-E, but afraid to go. I've read two descriptions now, and they've both made me teary. Foo. (I can't handle the truth!)