Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flying Solo

Louie and I went to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf today. I had some structural changes to make to a story draft, and I find that when I need to make such major shifts, it helps to also change my locale. (Swapping chairs at Starbucks doesn't cut it.)

While there, a small bird hopped over to us. He was small, far too small to be on his own. I looked around for his mother but couldn't find her. He stared at us a moment, then hopped closer and began pecking at crumbs from a chocolate muffin. Again, I looked around for his mother, or another creature who should be telling him not to eat coffee shop pastries with their trans fats. He needed to be looked out for. He needed an other.

Speaking of others--my other, along with Tim, is famous (9/22/08).

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