Wednesday, December 3, 2008

See the USA (Well, the Parts Between Detroit and DC) in Your Chevrolet

I'm not suggesting that execs from the big three read this blog, all I'm saying is that everyone once in a long while, I have a decent idea.


lpanik said...

My question is did they drive their MB or Bimmer?
Personally I would be impressed if they drove a Tracker!

Mark Panik said...

I went to the LA Auto Show last weekend. I was amazed at how much the American cars sucked.

As I sat in a Ford Flex, and pointed out the shoddy materials used and the bad-designed-and-even-worsely-implemented interior, I realized that this stink pile was just shy of $40,000.

The problem is not the workers, it's what they're making. It starts at the top. We need to push our engineers and designers to make a quality product. Hondas and Toyotas are made in the United States by American workers, and they are solid cars.

Point blank - we're making crap. And charging top dollar for those red, white and blue turds.

David said...

I'm more insulted by them taking hybrid cars this time than the private jets before.

Mom said...

You constantly amaze me. This time it's because I'm surprised you know this reference; it was the opening song for the very popular Dinah Shore show long before you were born. Were you around then in an earlier life? Do you know the next line? (without googling, of course)

Great post -- and I think they should have known better than to take 3 private jets. They could have at least carpooled in 1 jet.

Mom said...

I agree with Mark about the quality of today's American-built cars and think Flex is a stupid name for a car made that poorly. Maybe Ford should think about flexing a bit on the price. My Mustang has held up well for 14 years. I know it will have to be replaced eventually unless I want to refurbish it with parts when things wear out. I doubt I'll be buying anything from the Big 3 (if they even exist by then).

Michelle Panik said...

Was that a song? I was going to propose it to the Big Three as part of their image overhaul. Damn it, I am always one step behind.

lpanik said...

for you google lazy people.