Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Wind in Your Hair

How do you combat the stress of a to-do list that never seems to get any smaller?

Have a good friend tell you how he once transported a pair of caribou antlers in an Audi Fox, thanks to a skillful use of its sunroof. The story is even funnier the second time.


Mom said...

Man, I'd like to hear that story! Anyone else?

This time of year always makes our to-do lists even longer. The easiest/hardest way is to stop putting things on our lists 'till we catch up. Short of that, I sit in the sand for 20 minutes and listen to the sound of the surf. I'm overdue for one of those surf sessions, and will head there before I get going on the errand list :-)

Michelle Panik said...

The story came from Tim. So you *know* it's good. I'll tell it to you next week.