Monday, December 8, 2008

Los Ojos Son Muy Importante

We watched "Destinos" in Spanish class again this afternoon. Imagine my delight when, while concentrating on the past tense of "ir," the protagonist walked into El Prado and the camera panned to masterpieces by El Greco, Velázquez, y Goya.

"Destinos" always goes out of its narrative way to teach viewers Spanish words and phrases, no matter how awkwardly they are injected into the story. And today's episode didn't disappoint. The narrator gave a brief, simplistic overview of each painter's works, defining them by the type of people they painted (viejo o joven; alto o bajo; delgado o bajo; pelo corto o pelo longo; una barba o no barba). And apparently, a figure's eyes is the key to their soul; paint these correctly, and you've got a masterpiece. Why did I ever give up the brush?

In ESL class tonight, students continued working through the picture dictionary's food section. We were treated to some fine photorealistic drawings of meat, poultry, and seafood in a supermarket. It was like a Dutch still life writ modern.


David said...

You can always go back to painting. Most of the muscle memory remains. I imagine Louie would be a good, but fidgety model. There's a nude modeling joke in there somewhere.

Speaking of things you'll love, you probably remember my stories about Illinois politics that no one ever believed. Our governor, Blagojevich, was arrested this morning for, among other things, attempting to sell Obama's senate seat to the highest bidder. Wow.

Michelle Panik said...

When the real world is this fascinating, it makes you want to stop trying to invent with fiction.

And didn't your last governor pardon everybody and his mother on his way out the door? Which I believe he was being kicked out of for some other shady dealings? God bless America.

I do indeed remember your story. What happened with it?

Bryan said...

Should we have a spanish food fiesta to celebrate your new vocabulary?

David said...

Yeah, we'll soon have two former governors serving prison sentences at the same time. Going back to 1948, I think we've had more governors indicted than not. Most for tax evasion, bribery, and pay-for-play.

Governor Ryan is in jail, lost his pensions (plural), and will probably die in jail (he's 83 and got a long sentence.) Blago ran on a platform of correcting Ryan's corruption. Blago appears to be FAR more corrupt than Ryan.

Obama and Durbin are our first non-corrupt major politicians in about 20 years, since Paul Simon and Jim Edgar.