Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas in January

(Dad, Ice Cream Chef.)

Since my family was geographically scattered last December, we held our own festivities this month in Newport. For Christmas, my dad usually carves a goose. But this time we ate in a restaurant, and it wasn't goose. Afterwards, at a park, we made ice cream with this nifty little contraption--cookies 'n cream and lilikoi. Since my dad didn't have the opportunity to carve a bird, it made sense that he'd take the lead on the ball. I don't particularly like goose--because of the meat (it's greasy and a little gamey), not my dad's preparation of it. So I usually take a small slice and fill out my plate with cranberries, garlic mashed potatoes, and stuffing. For next year (which is this year, just 341 days to go!), I wonder if I can persuade my family to have a five-course meal of ice creams. Or at least substitute it for the Jell-o salad.


lpanik said...

Someone Give Randy a Present!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Panik said...

You did a fantastic job!