Friday, January 2, 2009

I Heart Bibliophiles

Today I wrote chapter nine next to a trashcan. The Coffee Bean’s. I had done my morning work at the usual, then decided I need a change for the afternoon. While I enjoy my TESOL and Spanish classes, oh what freedom it is to have nothing to do all day except write, read, and write some more. And also recycle lead paint, argue with Time-Warner, and pay a parking ticket…But that's for tomorrow. I worked on chapters seven and eight at Starbucks. Then I pushed forward with chapter nine, and made a crappy short-short slightly less crappy at The Coffee Bean. What can I say? I get around.

So there was a trashcan was on one side of me, and a guy reading A Confederacy of Dunces on the other. He offered to share his table with me. I Y bibliophiles. Does that make me a bibliophile-phile? Sounds like a word that could be in Toole’s book.

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Renee Thompson said...

What I loved most about this book was the reference to "chirren." As in "Bunch of chirren, up to no good." I think "chirrens" might be in there too. Makes me smile, just thinking about it.