Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tell Me This

I love that through a question, you can sometimes learn more about the interviewer--based on what they choose to ask--than interviewee and their answer. Babbitt's questions were totally appropriate tonight, but it's interesting when club members get called on and pose a question to the guest.

I recently asked my mom a series of questions about her childhood Saturdays spent at Hollywood Park, in the hopes of getting some authentic details for a short story. No tightly crafted story yet, but I'll give it six months before denouncing my questions as poorly crafted.

On Monday, my TESOL culture class will be interviewing a group of international students. Part of last class's meeting was spent developing questions, and based on these questions, I think I learned a little bit more about my classmates. Hopefully, the questions can do double-duty and I'll learn a bit about the international students, too.

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