Friday, January 9, 2009

Fresh Asphalt

My homeowner's association recently installed a new speed bump. I mention it because I turned thirty today.

And as I walked past it on my way to the park, part of me thought, Yes. It's good for people to slow down. I consider myself a careful person. I read slowly, I write slowly, I'm slow to arrive at decisions. I consider these good things.

But when I saw that fresh, deep-black asphalt bump with bright-white stripes, I also thought, No. People should be allowed to run flat-out. There is so much to do, and time passes so quickly.

I wonder if I am doing enough. If society would be better served had I been a doctor, a painter. If I could take myself and my Spanish skills to Central America and, somehow, help. Maybe Bryan and I could take in scads of dogs that need homes. There is always something more you can be doing.


John said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Michelle Panik said...

Thanks, John!