Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You Gotta Have Friends

(How could another dog not want to play with him?)

There was a new dog at the park today. Louie saw spotted him and immediately ran over to check him out. It was a Portuguese Water Dog, eight months old, and with some British-sounding name I no longer remember. Usually, Louie sniffs a dog and then goes on his way. Unless of course, the other dog has a toy--preferably one that squeaks--then Louie's on him like glue.

Dog-with-the-British-sounding-name didn't have a toy, but Louie was still really interested (no, the dog wasn't a female, either). Louie got in front of the Limie dog and pounced up and down, trying to get him to play. No dice. So he nosed Limey a few times, and Limey just brushed him off. Louie chased and barked at him, but the Limey looked the other way.

It was kind of sad, really. Louie wanted to befriend the British dog, maybe eat a little grass together or pee on the same spot, but the British dog wanted nothing to do with him. It reminded me too much of my junior high years, minus the peeing.

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