Sunday, January 11, 2009


I used to think Louie needed me. That he depended on me for food and shelter. Until we went for a walk and he scrounged half a hot dog from a bush. Then I realized he could get along just fine without me. Although I would like to think he'd be a little less fulfilled, less happy.

Bryan is sick right now with some cold/flu bug. He could get his own medication, cook his own dinner, maybe even massage his own head. But I'd like to think that if he had to, he'd be a little less fulfilled, less happy. I know if the roles were reversed, I would be.


Mom said...

Oh, they need you alright. Sure, Louie could scrounge food somewhere, and Bryan could fend for himself, but it's not the same as having you caring for them the way you do. There's physical comfort and emotional comfort. You provide both to your two guys, as well as a lot of friends and relatives (including me).

Take care you don't get the bug!

Michelle Panik said...

If I weren't around, BO would be eating processed cheese and Louie would be eating processed meat--scary!

B.O. and Louie said...

We may eat (and enjoy) processed food products, but they are no match for your love and support. Life would be far less fulfilling without you.