Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#36: Carmel Mountain Branch

Visiting Time: 2:15-1:40 PM
Did I get lost on my way? Nope!

Book Selection: 3 bookmarks
Seating: 2 bookmarks
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 3 bookmarks
Total: 12 bookmarks

Whew. I made it.

Bryan accompanied me to this library so I didn't have to cross the finish line alone. Despite the poor quality of my exterior photo (so many of these wonderful libraries don't lend themselves to a single exterior shot, unless you don't mind standing in traffic, or have a ladder), this was an awesome library to go out on. Bright, airy, and with windows all the way to the ceiling. And, as Bryan pointed out, chock full of tutors and their pupils.

I spoke with a clerk named James, who referred me to the children's librarian named Heidi. She told me the library was built about twelve years ago, when this area of San Diego was developed. When I told her that I loved all the natural light, she said every window can be opened, if so desired. Usually, though, they prefer to keep them clamped shut with the A/C on.

A perk of this library is its proximity to Costco. After leaving, we celebrated there with frozen yogurt. A good, Jewish friend of mine refers to Costco as his Mecca. I might say the same of libraries, although Costco would still be high on my list of holy locations.

Which leads into my book choice: Cooking in Style the Costco Way. What does "cooking the Costco way" involve, you ask? The book is a collection of recipes that can be made with Costco brand ingredients (or ingredients from any grocery store, I'm sure). Later this week, I am going to attempt the cheddar risotto.

Tomorrow, I will have thoughts on this library journey as a whole.

(My thirty-sixth door.)

(I was about to choose this book when I found the Costco one.)

(Nice study areas. Although some chairs might be helpful.)

(Outdoor patio.)


lpanik said...

Congratulation. You did an awesome job. It raises my respects for books. As you know it was never my favorite past time. I have a better understanding just what a library has beside a place to study. Great achievement. Take a break. Anxious to hear your summary of the journey.

Mom said...

Bravo! I really looked forward to reading each new entry; whatever will you do with yourself tomorrow? Will you return today's book within 24 hours, or luxuriate with it awhile? I have a feeling you'll be heading to the refrigerator/pantry after reading recipes to Bryan tonight :-) I have another version of the book titled "Cooking the Costco Way" and it has some nice recipes.

Thanks for the fun reads and photos!

Lakin Khan said...

yay!!! congratulations on a journey well-documented and a job well-done! (I have only just begun ;-0) As you know, you were inspirational. And a friend wants to do a Library Tour and Review up in the Sierra foothills, so the project lives on. In fact, I guess you could say, it has spawned, maybe not a revolution, but at least more tours.

Muchos gracias!

Renee Thompson said...

Fantastic achievement, Michelle. You did a great job with this, and it was good fun to check in on your progress. Maybe someday, when you're in Folsom, you can pop in on our library too. It's a newbie and a goodie, and only lacks a coffee shop, which the City has been promising for some three years now!

Michelle Panik said...

Thanks to everyone for following along! I'm so happy that I've spurred other library tours. Lakin's, her friends, and--oddly enough--my father's!

lpanik said...

What can we say. You inspired us.