Thursday, September 24, 2009

"In-N-Out Burger" by Stacy Perman

I love working at Miramar College. The students are engaging, the staff is supportive, and there's an In-N-Out down the street.

This book is a look at the history of a family-run company that has historically been extremely tight-lipped about their goings-on. And the history is the stuff of a family saga filled with jealousy, money, drugs, heaps of lawsuits, and some fanatical Christianity for good measure. The Mondavis have nothing on the Snyders.

But this is also a book about a company that has never wavered on "quality, cleanliness, and service." And they pay their employees respectable wages.

At writing conferences, speakers often talk about the primary goal of a story is to keep its reader turning the pages. This book, with its many plot twists and turns, kept me reading and thinking "Just one more chapter and then I'll stop. Just one more chapter. Just one more..."

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