Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alright, Paniks

Who's responsible for this little guy?

He showed up in the mail today, with a return address of "Gnome Group, Inc." in Flushing, New York. We will be sending the address label out for handwriting analysis and fingerprint dusting.

For the uninitiated, gnomes have been spontaneously appearing to Paniks the last five years. The last appearance was a trio at Bry and my wedding. Since we are almost at our paper anniversary, we are considering this latest pint-sized one an anniversary gift. Many thanks!


Michelle Panik said...

The silence is deafening. Doesn't anyone at least want to point fingers?

David said...

Where's the postmark from? That might get you to the right city.

Or perhaps it is just from an organization of benevolent gnomes who want to better the world by filling it with folksy gnome art.

Michelle Panik said...

Good try, Dave! But this is the Paniks. The return address is "Gnome Group, Inc" at 111 8th Ave in New York. The Panik in question most likely shipped the gnome there to a Mailboxes, Et Cetera, paid someone twenty bucks, and had them mail the gnome to San Diego.

Here is what I have found out though. The stamps were cancelled at a Flushing post office, which is on Long Island, not in Manhattan where the return address is.

The mystery continues...

lpanik said...

Awesome, Fantastic! I commend the person who did this. Great prank. I know it is eating away at Michelle.
Sorry, Dear, it is not me this time.
I only wish I would have thought of this one. HERE! HERE :-)

Bryan said...

I think it's Pat.

lpanik said...

Really Bryan?
Hon is it you? You never keep secrets from ME?