Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Campaign for Niceness

With election season wrapping up, I'm hoping to ride the mob mentality coattails and go on my own crusade to improve the lives of this great planet with a really radical idea--ENCOURAGING HUMAN DECENCY! I am fed up with rudeness--whether from Tri Club members who send me rude emails, people who are impatient in coffee shops, rude drivers, and EXTREMELY rude punk kids in community college Spanish classes. STOP IT PEOPLE. This is an issue that moves beyond party or ideological lines, and we need to work across the aisle to solve it. Here is my talking point: we need to get along.

So I'm asking all of you--great people of the world wide web and the great wide world itself--to band with me and fight the insults, the belittlement, the abuse and realize that we are one people. I'm Michelle Panik, and I approve this message.


lpanik said...

Are you picking on me again?


Michelle Panik said...

You, Dad? Are you kidding? I’m counting on you to be a foot soldier spreading Aloha spirit.

David said...

Niceness is lame. :P

Actually, I just hope that there's no post-election acrimony between the camps who support each candidate.