Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Green Dragon

People often poke fun at my car. It's American-made, has a front bumper that sometimes drags, and the clear-coat is coming off. The windshield wiper pump broke, and I never open the sunroof for fear it won't close.

But my grandpa very graciously gave it to me in 2003 (when he decided, at age 92, that maybe he shouldn't drive anymore). Since then, I haven't had a car payment. And also since then, my insurance rate keeps dropping. Just last Sunday, I was telling my brother Mark that the insurance "is like $400 for six months." The new bill just came in the mail, and it turns out I was wrong. The cost for the privilege of driving my fine automobile around town for the next six months? $250.

The chipping clear coat is looking more like a "custom finish"--like sponge-painting in a bathroom--than a fault.

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Renee Thompson said...

Michelle, I drove my 1995 Honda Accord until last year, when I finally sold it, under duress. I read in one of Anne Lamott's essays that her son drove a "1995 Honda beater," and I was humiliated. So I caved and bought a Toyota Highlander -- and not the hybrid either (mileage isn't that hot). Will save the hybrid for the next incarnation of gas-savers.