Friday, October 24, 2008

Dukes of Hazard Car

For anyone keeping track, the driver-side door handle on my car recently stopped working. It has now broken off completely. So I've begun simply opening the passenger door and climbing over. I'm nimble.

I really should just leave the windows down and climb through the driver side's. Not like anyone would steal the car. The only reason keeping the windows down gives me pause is because it would make it easy for would-be thieves to steal my Orbit gum. And I really like Orbit gum, especially the Sangria Fresca.


lpanik said...

If things get really bad and you need a car, I can always ship you the Explorer. I've been trying to kill it. Even gave it to Brian to use but it still keeps running. Let me know and I can put it on the next boat and you should have it by Easter,
PS, FYI no windows works so I don't know what you would do if one of the handles fell off.

Michelle Panik said...

Thanks, Dad! Except I'm not sure if the Explorer would be any better!