Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Smell of Petrol on a Sunday Morning

(Bryan and Mark talk technique.
Which means how not to fall on your ass.)

(Cole eats M&Ms from the same net 
he'd been dragging through the dirt all day.)

BO and I met Mark and his friends up in Gorman today. We rode this very peculiar type of bicycle that has a motor that's stronger than your calf muscles. And no spandex required! Mark led Bryan off into to trails, and brought him back in one piece with a smile on his face. I stayed on a flat section and practiced shifting between first, second, and third. Which is a whole lot easier than in Bryan's car! Of course BO and I don't have bikes or any of the fun bike accessories, but Mark, Karen, and Drew were so kind to lend us helmets, gloves, bikes, and plenty of advice.

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