Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hi. My name is Michelle, and I give my characters too much credit. I make them too nice, their intentions too simple and pure, their actions too damn likable.

Recognizing I have a problem is the first step in my recovery. I'd like to thank talented writer and close reader Kimberly for showing me the err of my ways. Sometimes, what a character needs is for his wife to leave him. And before that happens, he should destroy his front yard.


David said...

re to build up the front yard as a character. There is no way to understate how much a truly yard-loving man loves his yard. Especially if his grass is Saint Augistine. Crazy volumes of detail about yard-love, the maticulous placement of every piece of mulch, the wrapping of trees in protective fabric for winter, the careful edging with a straight hoe to prevent unwanted collateral damage, trimming hedges to be perfectly level and 1:16-proportional to the roofline, oh yes, that should be a good beginning.

Michelle Panik said...

Yes, but it's better if after months of indecision over how to landscape his much-loved yard, he chooses to annihilate it.