Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the Plane from Reno to San Diego

On the way home from Tahoe today, Bryan and I sat behind a couple where the husband chose the aisle seat and the wife the window. They left the middle seat open for a stranger. I would rather be in the middle seat and squished up against my husband (which is where I sat) than have a little leg or elbow room next to a stranger.


Mom said...

They may have been practicing "Seat Psychology 101".
Sometimes people do it, hoping others will continue on to avoid sitting in a middle seat. Nowadays planes are frequently full, so it doesn't make any difference. Did a stranger sit next to them? Did they move next to each other after the plane took off? The reason they didn't initially sit next to each other could be a story idea. Maybe they're in "old married love" and you're in "early marriage love" (though I don't expect you and Bryan will change no matter how old you get.)

Michelle Panik said...

Good thought. It's definitely a possibility. Except they didn't seem to much like each other too much, or anyone for that matter. When I dropped one of my Yahtzee dice, they both grumbled before the man finally made a big production of picking it up. If only I'd rolled a Yahtzee on the plane, I could have yelled it in his ear. :)

lpanik said...

Even if you yelled he probably wound not have heard you but IF his wife whispered he would have gone ballistic.
Gee, MOM still sits next to me no matter if the plane is empty.
Thanks HON.

Michelle Panik said...

Maybe he'd just lost all his money in Reno and was in no mood for this pesky thing called mutual human respect.