Saturday, October 11, 2008

California Calling

I worked an Obama phone bank this morning. I've never before volunteered for a campaign, but it was both fun and informative and I recommend everyone volunteer for a campaign sometime in their lifetime. You will get a peek into the campaigning process, and might even influence the voting outcome.

I called Democrats and Independents, but even so I was disappointed about not getting yelled at more. I really hoping for something I could use in a story.


Renee Thompson said...

In high school, we were required to work on a campaign, and my candidate of choice was Leroy Greene, who was running for the California State Assembly. I too worked a phone bank (and knocked on doors, something I can't imagine doing as a young woman now), and everyone I spoke to was not only courteous, but promised to vote. Leroy won, and I remember feeling quite proud -- that I'd made a contribution of merit, and that my effort made a difference.

Michelle Panik said...

What a great experiences! I also love that California polls employ high school students. Their stipends go to their schools, and they get a premature peek at the process.