Monday, February 15, 2010

Veggie Month: Celery

(Grandpa with his bowl of chicken--and celery!--soup.)

I admit. These last few days I've been slacking with my vegetables. While I've been eating a different one each day, I've been letting the veggies come to me--usually in the form of a restaurant menu--rather than buying and preparing them myself.

I didn't prepare today's vegetable, either--celery--but I did drive two and a half hours to get it at my Grandpa's place. Mark and I both agreed the chicken soup was pretty tasty. I think it was the celery.

Wikipedia celery fun fact: A salt made from an extract of celery roots is used in Bloody Marys, Chicago hot dogs, and Old Bay Seasoning.


DAD said...

Little known fact: It takes more calories to chew, eat and digest celery then it gives back to you. A constant diet of celery will starve you to death. I knew you wanted to know that :-)

Michelle Panik said...

That's why I always dip my raw celery in peanut butter. :)

Cheryl said...

Soup and peanut butter are the reason celery exists, in my opinion. Otherwise, it has yet to justify its presence on earth.

Oh, and maaaybe ranch.

Michelle Panik said...

Ranch and buffalo wings!