Thursday, February 11, 2010

Veggie Month: Chayote

(Don't these look like a denture-less grandma?)

(I feel like I need to apologize for the tofu's dingy color.)

Stray Carrier Pigeon: testing the produce you see in the grocery store but are too afraid to try.

And since I've been a stir-frying fool lately, I cooked two chayote up with carrots and tofu in a hoisin sauce with extra ginger.

I won't mentions all the different names of this vegetable--for that you can check Wikipedia--but it makes sense that so many cultures eat it. It's a simple starchy squash that's easy to cook. It must be peeled, and although I hear its seed can be eaten, I took it out. I think I ate it in Belize at Erva's. The closest comparison I can make is to breadfruit.

Has anyone else eaten chayote? How did you prepare it?


DAD said...

So I assume you ate breadfruit in Belize? Your MOM is an excellent cook but she does need more work with breadfruit. I'm afraid to ask for Chayote for tomorrow night's veggie. But first I need to learn how to pronounce it.

Michelle Panik said...

Nope, I ate breadfruit when Mom prepared it (yes, more practice would be good) and a cuban restaurant.