Thursday, February 25, 2010

Veggie Month: Tomatillos

(Make sure you rinse off all the stick stuff underneath the wrappers.)

You have got to try this.

Bryan and I made an approximation of this Tomatillo Salad--without the jalapeno or fresh ginger, but with artichoke hearts. Delish.

Next time, we'll add sliced almonds. Someone invite us to a barbecue so we can bring this salad.

(I like when I exceed my expectations.)


tortuga.morena said...

Tomatillos!!!! Love them! That's how we get green salsa and green enchiladas! Yum! I love veggie month and carrot brownies rocked the Roblestein household! Needless to say, carrot brownies and the wonderful folks that make them are welcomed ANY time.

Michelle Panik said...

Awesome. I'll bring you a quiche.

Renee Thompson said...

This does look good, Michelle. We're not fans of sun-dried tomatoes, though. Is there any reason fresh wouldn't work?

Michelle Panik said...

Fresh red tomatoes is a great idea! Since they're a little softer than tomatillos, I bet it would be a nice texture contrast.