Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Veggie Month! Beets & Snap Peas

Of course, neighbors are good for a cup of sugar. Mine also happen to be good for dinner parties, walks with our dogs, random lunches, and neighborhood gossip.

And this month, the female half of their household will also be good for a push to eat more (and strange!) vegetables. During the month of February, KK and I will be eating a different vegetable every day. I'll be posting my choices here, and you can follow KK at No Regrets 2010.

Long-time readers of Stray Carrier Pigeon will remember KK as the same neighbor who arranged for us to swing on an eccentric's trapeze as a "No Regrets" outing.

Onto the accountability. Yesterday, February 1, I ate beets. Which is really difficult for me, I know. (I wanted to ease into the challenge.)

Today, I snacked on sugar snap peas, after my leftover Mimi's sandwich (I love pesto!) but before a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. ... My veggie was sandwiched between two sandwiches. Odd. I need to get out more. And be more adventurous with my meals.

But back to this post's first line. After walking our dogs tonight, I gave KK some extra ginger and half a sweet onion to complete a recipe for her vegetable: swiss chard. Lending a cup of sugar is so 1960's.


Michaela said...

Beets are my favorite! I love them roasted and served with some crumbled goat cheese.

Michelle Panik said...

My neighbor had beets last night, and I suggested that recipe to her!