Sunday, February 28, 2010

Veggie Month: Opo Squash

Apparently opo squash is used in Asian cooking. I made an Italian-style dish that was a rif on this recipe. I used jar pasta sauce, and included carrots. It reminds me of the ratatouille my family used to get at Rosine's; the opo squash tastes a lot like eggplant. This would probably be good over pasta, or with ground turkey, but I ate it alone.

(Has a saute pan ever been so well documented in such a short amount of time? Or, for that matter, a dog over a blog's lifetime?)


DAD said...

You come up with some unusual veggies. Are you finding them at the same store?

Michelle Panik said...

Yes, they all come from Vons.

Lots of unusual veggies, including $52/lb mushrooms! I wonder if you can buy half of a mushroom?