Saturday, August 15, 2009

#11: Skyline Hills Branch

Visiting Time: 12:00-1:45PM
Did I get lost on my way? No (But I did get lost going home. Go figure.)
Book Checked Out: Children of a Lesser God (Mark Medoff)

Book Selection: 1 bookmarks
Seating: 1 bookmarks
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 2 bookmarks
Total: 8 bookmarks

My journey to the Skyline Hills branch took me on the 125 freeway for the first time. I am truly living now.

This 4,000-square-foot branch opened July 16, 1969. Its building has a covered drive-through lane (imagine the tree isn't in the above photo) that leads into the parking lot, so I thought perhaps it was a converted In-N-Out Burger. But a clerk told me the building was constructed to be the library. I sort of wish she would've lied and played along; it would've made a better story.

When I told the clerk what I was doing, she asked if I were also visiting the county libraries. In this instant, any "coolness" that I thought I'd gained in undertaking this project was lost. It's like when you're hiking a mountain and you think you're near the peak, only to summit what is a false peak and realize you have miles more (or thirty-three county libraries) to go. All I could tell the clerk was that I'd make my way through the city libraries first, and then consider tackling the county ones. I suppose you always have to have a goal.

I checked out the play Children of a Lesser God. For me, there is something alluring about getting up to speed on the pop culture that was before my time (or before I could read). You hear about things a few years after the fact, you want to be in the know. Plus, if something's still being talked about, it can't be because it's mediocre.

(The view from above.)

(Christian apologist nonfiction incorrectly filed between reference books on Shakespeare and Tom Stoppard.)

(Free books, cheap gas.)


lpanik said...

What is your criteria in the book you select from each library?

Mom said...

I've been to a library with a drive-through lane so you can return your books via a book drop chute. It's convenient when the library's closed, but then I'd have to make another trip to check out another armload of books.

Maybe you'll be motivated to do a County Library Tour with your new car; it could be a large mini-tour :-) After all, this is the Green Dragon's Farewell Tour...

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