Tuesday, August 25, 2009

#22: Ocean Beach Branch

Visiting Time: ? (Who cares? It's OB!)
Did I get lost on my way? No.
Book Checked out: The Baby-sitters Club #130: Stacey's Movie (Ann M. Martin)

Book Selection: 2 bookmarks
Seating: 2 bookmarks (good seats/cushions in kids' section!)
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 3 bookmarks
Total: 11 bookmarks

Julie accompanied me to this branch. We were inside five seconds when a librarian clerk named Michael spotted me. Michael and I go way back. All the way to Sunday and the Point Loma library. He gave me a map of all library locations in not only San Diego city, but the county. If only the maps were available in large supply, I'd wallpaper a room with them, like the subway map wallpaper at those sandwich shops.

Julie and I then high-tailed it into the kid's section. While Julie tried skim-reading her way to find out "the secret" in Hatchet (she found it, it's a kiss), I browsed the turn racks and was amazed to find the ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTIETH BOOK in the Baby-sitters Club series. Oh, to be the author of such a franchise.

I'd devoured these books as a kid, and remember spending all my money on them at the Little Professor bookstore. Since I only have one day with each book on this whirlwind tour, I've yet to read something cover to cover. But if ever I'm to do it, tonight might be it.

(New boogie board in hand, Julie checks out the children's section.)


lpanik said...

I want that surfboard for my collection. It is so off the wall...HAHAHA pun intended :-)

Michelle Panik said...

*Groan* You've been spending too much time with your pun-loving (...hah!) wife. I think a surfing session is in order for you.

Mark Panik said...

Neither of you are punny.