Sunday, August 16, 2009

#12: Pacific Beach/Taylor Branch

Visiting Time: 2:00-2:45PM
Did I get lost on my way? No (But Bryan drove. And I've been to this branch before.)
Book Checked Out: Western Garden Problem Solver

Book Selection: 3 bookmarks
Seating: 3 bookmarks
Staff: 4+ bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 4 bookmarks
Total: 14+ bookmarks

Like many of the others branches I've visited, you could come to the PB library for a couple hours, not even like books, and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Not only are the chairs comfortable enough for a nap, you can take in some great art.

This branch has an art gallery as part of the library's Visual Arts Program. Lucky for me, its curator, Mark-Elliott Lugo, was at the branch today and happy to tell me about it. He founded the VA Program at the PB branch in 1997. It makes sense because the library, which resembles a nautilus shell, has enough panache to be a contemporary art museum. Current exhibit.

I came here today knowing what book I wanted. At home, there is a fungus among us. On our dwarf apple tree. So I borrowed Western Garden Problem Solver to see if I couldn't eradicate the little sucker. It turns out the fungus is Powdery Mildew. The book says to try washing the tree, pruning its affected regions, and spraying a fungicide. Bryan thinks it might be worthwhile (or at least fun!) to try freezing it off with dry ice. Wish us luck.

(It's hard to tell, but these seats are halfway between chairs and barstools.)

(I don't know what this is, but I like it.)

("The Wizard of Oz"-inspired works by Joe Nyiri.)

(I figure out what's wrong with our tree.)

(What Powdery Mildew looks like.)


lpanik said...

FYI, I also learned from a "green" nursery that Simple Green diluted 10-1 also is good. Let it sit on the plant for about an hour than wash it off. Its biodegradable.

Michelle Panik said...

Ooh, good idea. Although it's probably less fun than dry ice.