Thursday, August 6, 2009

#2: Tierrasanta Branch

Visiting Time: 2:30-4:00 PM
Did I get lost on my way? Yes (Lotta help you are, Google Maps)
Book Checked Out: Shelf Life: Stories by the Book (Gary Paulsen, editor)

Book Selection: 2 bookmarks
Seating: 2 bookmarks
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 2 bookmarks
Total: 10 bookmarks

While driving to the branch, NPR reported that John Hughes had passed away. So once arriving, I went straight to the DVDs. Sadly, they didn't have "The Breakfast Club" or "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

There's quite a lot of burnt orange in this library. All the bookshelves and many of the chairs. But there were also some oversized, green leather (naugahyde?) chairs that are great for slouching. Maybe it's because I'm on the shorter side of average, but I took issue with the wooden tables, which had chairs so low to the ground that when my arms rested on the table, they were up near my neck.

The staff was really friendly. While reading Shelf Life, a man came in asking about the New York Times Best Sellers List, and a librarian helped him find a book from it. Then another librarian brought a convert over to our side by helping a man sign up for a library card.

The book I checked out, Shelf Life, is a young adult compilation where every short story makes mention of a book. It's edited by young adult heavyweight author Gary Paulsen, and its profits benefit ProLiteracy Worldwide. Tonight, Bryan will be treated to a reading of "Testing, Testing, 1...2...3" by A. LaFaye.

Update from last night's reading: After I'd finished my monologues, Bryan asked what was the difference between a monologue and soliloquy. I realized I didn't know so I looked it up. The difference? Not much, if any.

And on to the pictorial tour:
(Plants inside! It's genius. Lots of natural light here, too.)

(A too-cute, very creative book.)


Utterly Me, Clarice Bean is a young adult chapter book, told in diary form, about a girl dectective. Cool pictures and creative typesetting. I read a couple chapters while sitting in one of those comfortable green chairs.

(Tierrasanta librarians have a sense of humor.)

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Anonymous said...

I strongly dislike the orange as well, Michelle.-Jennifer, Branch Manager ;-)