Monday, August 17, 2009

#14: Logan Heights Branch

Visiting Time: 2:00-2:30PM
Did I get lost on my way? Yes. Extremely.
Book Checked Out: Boom! talking about the sixties (Dan Rather)

Book Selection: 2 bookmarks
Seating: 2 bookmarks
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 3 bookmarks
Total: 11 bookmarks

The KFMB guys wanted to shoot me at two different libraries, so I visited two branches today. Which is perfect because I needed to double up on one day to account for Labor Day, when everything's closed. So after Mission Hills, Larry, Bruce, and I headed over to the Logan Heights Branch. It is really embarrassing to lose your way when a news crew is waiting on you.

Again, Google Maps? Again? What gives? I thought we had a thing going, I thought we had something special. You helped me successfully get to six consecutive libraries. Where'd the love go? There is a big difference between east and west. I think we need a break, and I need to see other map programs. I hope you understand. It's not you, it's me.

There is a super-shiny mega new library in the works to replace this one. But until that happens, this library is situated in a most wonderful Spanish style building. The librarian, Aline, told me that the new branch has been delayed, but will hopefully open by the end of the year. She told me, with a twinge of sadness, that they have a slew of books in storage, just waiting to be offered up to us San Diegans.

I borrowed Dan Rather's book about the 1960's, Boom! I've heard good things about it. Plus, it seemed appropriate with all the news coverage of late about fortieth anniversary of Woodstock.

If I have one regret from taping this news piece, it's that I didn't get to recite, in order, from memory, the libraries that I've visited thus far. But perhaps remembering twelve isn't too impressive. If I can do it in two more weeks, I'll record it myself and put it on Stray Carrier Pigeon.

Many thanks to Larry, Bruce, and KFMB for taking an interest in my project and promoting our local libraries.

(Super-hip literary art. Protected from rain with a tarp.)

(Larry browses for a book of his own.)

(Yes, I stood in an intersection for this shot. Great shot, though, right?)

(New, in-progress Logan Heights Branch.)

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