Thursday, August 27, 2009

#24: Clairemont Branch

Visiting Time: 12:30-1:15
Did I get lost on my way? No.
Book Checked out: A Rum Affair: the true story of botanical fraud (Karl Sabbagh)

Book Selection: 2 bookmarks
Seating: 2 bookmarks
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 2 bookmarks
Total: 10 bookmarks

This is the quietest branch I've been in thus far. Not a peep from anyone on a computer or in the stacks. Even the children--one of whom accidentally hit me with an inflatable guitar (it was pretty funny)--didn't make a peep.

It took me a while to choose a book. I'll be out of town this weekend (not to fear, I will be doubling up on libraries next week), so whatever I picked I'd be with for four whole days. I eventually decided on A Rum Affair. Lately, I've been most excited by nonfiction investigations, travel logs, case studies. This book isn't about alcohol, but rather a British botanist who was up to no good. Mystery and intrigue will, I hope, ensue.

No interior photos today. The sound of my camera would've startled the whole place.


Manasse said...

This branch is about one-minute from my house. I have never seen anyone go in or four years!

You may have been their first patron.

Anonymous said...

If it's 1 minute from your house and you don't see anyone going, then why don't you go help the library out and visit it instead of making jokes? The Clairemont Library was one of the libraries almost shut down last year due to budget problems, but the Clairemont community came out and made its collective voice heard to help save it. No one goes in & out? Far from the truth. Don't mock it till you know it, dude.

Manasse said...

Well with THAT kind of invitation...I'm going to camp outside right now!

Michelle Panik said...

No rude comments, please. Especially when they're done anonymously.

Manasse said...

Thank you, Michelle!

tummytime said...

They're just defending their library. Goodness knows we need that passion to save them these days.