Monday, August 31, 2009

#25: Mira Mesa Branch

Visiting Time: 1:15-1:45
Did I get lost on my way? Yes. I should know better than to attempt a shortcut.
Book Checked out: Dance For Two (Alan Lightman)

Book Selection: 3 bookmarks
Seating: 3 bookmarks
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 3 bookmarks
Total: 13 bookmarks

Summer's over, and gone with it is my free time. Today, I went to the Mira Mesa branch not to use up my time, but to get away from my hectic pace. But chaos followed me to this branch, as there were masses of teenagers and adults all over this library. One group of teens was even getting a stern talking-to from a librarian. I'm not saying crowds in a library is a bad thing, I'm just saying it wasn't exactly a zen experience.

Knowing my time to read would be short, I checked out a book of very short science-related essays by MIT professor Alan Lightman. In the first one, this physicist-slash-novelist makes sense of gravity through ballet. I don't think the rest will disappoint.

(I'm not sure of the symbolism of this support beam corona, but I like it.)

(Foot stools! This branch is more comfortable than my home.)


Mark Panik said...

So, I'm wondering... Do you have to make 36 separate trips to return all of the books you've checked out? Or is there some type of catch-all bin you can drop them in?

Michelle Panik said...

I'm glad you asked! You can return any SD book at any SD branch. It's simpler than Blockbuster and faster than Netflix.