Saturday, August 22, 2009

#19: Balboa Branch

Visiting Time: 1:30-1:45PM
Did I get lost on my way? No. Bryan drove.
Book Checked Out: Italy

Bryan and I were in and out of this branch. We were starving, and Costco called. But it's been around since '71, and used to be called the Mesa Vista branch. There are also ten churches in the area. Which seems fitting, because the roof of this library looks like an Eastern place of worship to me. I'm still disappointed that this branch didn't once serve as an In-N-Out.

I will be giving some English lessons to an Italian gentleman next week, so I checked out Italy in order to learn a little more about his culture.

This blog entry is underwhelming. If you feel cheated, head over to Rhymes with Bacon, where Lakin will soon be reviewing the libraries of Sonoma County. Do you think the usual "No drinks allowed" rule is waived at their Wine Library?

(Bryan looks through Architectural Digest.)

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Lakin Khan said...

Well, I won't find out until I get up to the Healdsburg Library. Wonder if they're open late on Friday night?