Friday, August 7, 2009

#3: Mission Valley Branch

Visiting Time: 2:00-3:30PM
Did I get lost on my way? Yes (what gives, Google Maps?)
Book Checked Out: Do Fish Drink Water? (Bill McLain)

Book Selection: 3 bookmarks
Seating: 3 bookmarks
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 4 bookmarks
Total: 14 bookmarks

When I told a librarian named Bill what I was doing, he raised an eyebrow and, one bibliophile to another, said, "Cool." Bill, an original employee of this branch (which opened in 2002), turned out to be a wealth of information. Mission Valley used to be dairy farm land, and this library branch was built to resemble a barn. The area was once also filled with sycamore trees, which are reflected in the support columns.

This library is BRIGHT and airy. The tables are blond wood with padded chairs that, unlike the ones at yesterday's branch, are an appropriate height for the table tops. The seating was comfortable, but in short supply.

I checked out Do Fish Drink Water?, a book that holds the answers to all of life's important questions. Tonight, Bryan is going to learn when underwear was invented, what was the first book manuscript written on a typewriter, and, of course, whether fish drink water.

Scroll all the way down for a video of this library's awesome courtyard.

(Barn-like barrel ceiling and Sycamore tree-like columns.)

(The view from upstairs. On the other side was a door that led out to a mezzanine.)

(Courtyard sculpture.)

(Video of the courtyard.)


lpanik said...

Now that is one cool library. I could actually see myself checking out a book. Preferably with not too may pages, take it to the courtyard and use it as a hat brim for a nap under the sycamore trees.

I will just have to start frequenting libraries now.

Michelle Panik said...

This library branch is like a resort!

Anonymous said...

That Bill guy is pretty cool himself. Next time anyone visits the Mission Valley Library, ask him "Are you ready to pwn or be pwnd?" :)