Thursday, August 13, 2009

#9: College-Rolando Branch

Visiting Time: 1:30-2:45PM
Did I get lost on my way? No (three for three!)
Book Checked Out: Barron's Pass Key to the LSAT (Jerry Bobrow)

Book Selection: 3 bookmarks
Seating: 2 bookmarks
Staff: 4 bookmarks
Architecture/Atmosphere: 4 bookmarks
Total: 13 bookmarks

Oh, 805. How intimately I've come to know you these past nine days. Why does it seem that al the San Diego library branches are off the 805? When I think the San Diego, I think of the 5, not the 805. But, like I said, this whirlwind library tour is showing me that it's a great wide city out there.

The College-Rolando branch is a little like the Getty. Beautiful exterior, high ceilings, good light. But not a lot inside. It could hold a dozen more bookshelves.

The clerks I spoke with directed me to a fact sheet about the branch. It was initially 4,430 square feet, was opened in 1955, and cost $68,400 (including landscaping and furniture). In 2005, it was increased to 15,222 square feet.

A note on correctly finding my way to a library, for the third consecutive day. Yesterday, I prevented a runaway shopping cart from hitting a car in the University Heights' library parking lot. I think it helped my karma. But this afternoon, I left the College-Rolando branch and realized I'd parked in a lot for a Church, rather than the library. So it might take me an hour to find tomorrow's branch.

Today was the day of rejecting books. What follows is a list of books that I could've checked out because they adhered to my rule of reading outside of comfort zone, but ultimately didn't.
Rescue Me, He's Wearing a Moose Hat: and 40 other dates after 50
-I'm not dating anymore. This could be an eye-opening look into how the other half lives. (Plus, a moose hat?!)

Portuguese Pioneers in the US
-I've only known one Portuguese person in my life, and he no longer talks to me. Perhaps the book would've been a window into him.

The Pluto Files: the rise and fall of America's favorite planet
-True, this isn't a subject I know much about. But frankly, I'm just not interested in a lovefest with a planet.

Here's what I did choose: Barron's Pass Key to the LSAT. I picked it because I wanted to know just how much smarter lawyers are than I. I didn't find this out, but I did learn that the "use 'C'" approach I took with multiple-choice high school algebra exams wouldn't work here, either. I hope Bryan is on his game tonight.

Try this one:
Chrysanthemums that have not been fertilized in July will normally not blossom in October. In October, the chrysanthemums did not blossom.

With the premises given above, which one of the following would logically complete an argument:
A) Therefore, chrysanthemums were not fertilized in July.
B) Therefore, the chrysanthemums may not have been fertilized in July.
C) Therefore, the chrysanthemums pay blossom later in the fall.
D) Therefore, the chrysanthemums will blossom in the fall.
E) Therefore, the chrysanthemums will not blossom later in the fall.

(Still reading? The answer's B.)

(Video of the rear entrance.)

(Comfortable carpet.)

(Hard wooden chairs that aren't extremely comfortable, but do keep you awake.)


Kathryn Law said...

I am totally loving this tour of the libraries. Some of the names are familiar from when I would request books to be sent to the Point Loma-Hervey branch for pick up, but I never visited any of these. Point Loma and Ocean Beach--can't wait to see how you like those. This is so much fun!

Lakin Khan said...

this is a great project! Dibs on doing one in Sonoma County! But, realistically, I'd have to do one a week, not one a day. I'll definitely credit you as the Project Originator. But first, a decent camera!

Lakin Khan said...

.....errr, by dibs I mean that I think this is such a fabulous idea, I'd love to do it in Sonoma County...if that's all right with you! With full credit going to you, of course, for the idea.

Michelle Panik said...

You should definitely take your own Sonoma tour, Lakin! I am having a total blast.

Lakin Khan said...

Ok! I'm on! I posted the challenge to myself on my blog ... and linked to you. I love seeing the different personalities of the libraries. And I'm learning something about San Diego, a city I've never visited. Thanks for this great idea!

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